Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Hazy sunset

A warm, hazy early Spring day. There was a Chiffchaff singing in the trees outside the office, my first Spring migrant (though I have already heard wintering birds in February when we were in Hampshire). This morning I heard a stock dove in Dallam Park, and then saw it flying across the Park (108 on the year list). And the good news was that there was a second swan on the Bela this morning, the solitary male is maybe not so solitary after all.

After a week and more of cloudy afternoons, there was the promise of a sunset this afternoon. The sun gradually sank and disappeared into the haze before it reached the line of fells, and on days like today, you get a sense of the skies that Turner painted. This was a bit of a reflex shot, I didn't spot the group of 6 geese until it was almost too late.

More good news is that I am now off work until Wednesday next week. This weekend is the annual winter camping expedition to the Cairngorms, though it looks like it may be a lot warmer than last year.

I had an email yesterday that I still can't quite believe. I'd better not say what it was about until I'm absolutely sure it's really going to happen. More anon.

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