the edges of my life

By raej

don't ya hate it when the swing breaks?

"do I look fat on this swing? " - bit embarassing but I don't think bears really give a toss.....and it looked pretty comfy even though it had stopped swinging

just before lunch today a massive wind storm swept down from the Tam Dao mountains into our valley - many of the bears ran inside to their dens - some stayed outside and opportunistically ate all the fresh little bits of leaves and branches that were blown into their enclosure

others got a bit silly in the wind and started somersaulting and wrestling and having generally a hoot of a time....

i was doing the rounds at lunch (with camera of course) checking no one was too stressed and that no trees were crashing down - i spent a lot of it behind the lens and just generally watching my bears have fun which was hugely entertaining.....

PS Ngoc Ha is nicely stoned now and has given up on trying to rip herself open.... hopefully we can reduce the meds as her wound heals - meanwhile she is worming her way into our hearts as a pretty damn cute bear... (hmm as if I've met an ugly bear yet :) - not biased of course

I have an owl hooting outside and Doris (the gecko) barking at me inside

happy weekend everyone

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