An Image From Today...

By AndyD

Red and Round.

I said yesterday that I would do an image which I had adjusted digitally. This isn't quite what I was planning, that's still in the works, but this one is doctored a little bit. The original image used here was quite blurry and I'm still figuring out how to fix that. Anyway, I decided to still use the shot as the colours in it are pretty good (I haven't adjusted them btw). The single effect I have used is the smudge tool; left to right and top to bottom.

I learnt a lot from the shots I took today (link at bottom for more), and got to know some of the functions of my camera better. One of the big things I took from today was that I really need manual focus as auto is abysmal. Having said that, I got quite a lot of images I like. Please take a look, I'd like some comments on how to improve.

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