Mediocrity Photography

By EqoZ

The Shaft?

The fine company I work for is moving next Tuesday, and today marks the first day of major moving deconstruction. Leading up to this was simply the passive emptying out of desk junk and moving it onto carts or into green plastic bins. Today, though, is a flurry of noise and action as cubicle walls are dismantled, and the aisles of the office are filled with moving carts, bins, and other furniture. Getting from one side of the office to another is like running a constantly-shifting maze. I might make a mention about feeling like a mouse in a maze, but there's no cheese at the end for a treat. Just a shiny new office!

Our current office is in one of the many converted warehouses in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward. One of the awesome traits of our current space is we have a freight elevator permanently stopped on our floor as a connection to the second half of the office. It's not a tall building, we're on the 2nd floor of the 4 story building, but someone thoughtfully installed lights on the top of the car, and you can peer up into the shaft above. I'll miss that cool little elevator.

Our new office, however, is on the top floor of a 7 story building in Milwaukee's Fifth Ward, so named for entrepreneur Edward Fifth (not really). We'll have skylights, and the building has fantastic views of the Marquette Interchange and downtown from a distance, it's really quite nice. Even better - the landlord has given us rooftop access. I'm really looking forward to taking advantage of that at night for some evening photos of the city.

Expect photos of the new space in the upcoming week or so, maybe, if the shots turn out and I feel inspired to.

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