2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Forest frogs

Lazy breakfast in our forest cabin with croissants and gooseberry jam as a rare treat. We headed out towards Symonds Yat in the morning and managed to do a circular walk around the river and forest hills. The weather was beautiful and we ended up shedding jumpers and walking in T shirts. There were a few butterflies around too - a few red admirals and a very tatty looking comma.

There was a ditch and pool alongside the forest path to Symonds Yat. As we came back, the noise of the frogs calling was amazing. There were so many frogs around we lost count. There were huge stretches of spawn in the ditches already. We listened to the calling for a while and watched as the males puffed out their cheeks and fought for the best spots on the edges of the pools.

Had a quiet night in with wine, curry and Kindles.

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