2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Yeast power

After the silence and tranquillity of the forest, I was back in the thick of it today. As a STEM Ambassador, I helped out at a science fair at a local school. I got the students to do our tried and trusted yeast power experiment. Tricky to manage on my own and I did wonder if I was going to run out of material at one point. I helped about 150 students to do the experiment and they seemed to enjoy it.
At the end of the morning, we were all given lunch. The other exhibitors just packed up their laptops and headed for the buffet. I was left carrying buckets of yeasty water back to the sink and disposing of smelly, sticky balloons. Must think of a cleaner simpler activity next time......

Book group in the evening talking about poetry. We discussed an anthology of poems by local poets all about Reading and the Thames Valley. Interesting talking about poetry - haven't really read much since school.

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