midwife crisis

By lulubelle

Lovely morning. The best bits were yoga, bit of a phone catch up with friends then I made a delicious 'green' soup from left over 'green stuff (non furry)' from the fridge and the veg garden. Yola came home again from school for lunch >soup and salad. It's good to spend time with her and put healthy green stuff into her body. We're so lucky that she not just eats it but really likes it (well that's what she tells us, smart girl)!
Down to the village for supplies and a blip, then a drink in Hacketts with Lisa and Hubs, then home for roast Hogget (year old lamb) I cannot recommend it enough, it's full of flavour but not strong like mutton). Mmmmmm. We're trying to make room in the freezer for the pork that's coming next week, it's such a harsh task! The pork will be from our friends small farm and it's their annual piggy event, so we need to clear space to avail of their fantastic organic meat.

The gorse is out in abundance at the moment and the young flowers are a vibrant yellow, making the lanes look glorious, even in the seemingly endless grey days we've been having.

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