This is Hotei, the Laughing Buddha! I thought it was an appropriate image this evening cos i'm sort of like the laughing buddha.....playing hooky from this evenings first presentation of the retreat! So instead of being a 'good' participant, i'm sitting here, doing my blip, beer by my side....and i'm happy!

It's been such an intense 2 days....organizing, cleaning - making bread (in the machine!!!), soup, making up beds and god knows what else....and then by 3pm folks started arriving! So lots of greeting, and still very busy! After dinner the two people who are presenting the retreat, Kalsang and Ani Lhamo, a monk and nun, from Gambo Abbey, here on Cape Breton Island....headed over with the 15 others to begin the weekends retreat! I am more in need of some space, alone time....and to just kick back! my view on these retreats is that i take as much as i need and then i move on to what else i feel i need. Sometimes what i need, after a morning of contemplation and to be in my studio with some good music and clay! and i will do that if i feel the need!

It is also very wonderful and lovely to see all these folks here. some have been before and we know, some are totally new to Big Hill and our retreats. I love watching them all interact with each other. tonight is really the only night without silence.....we will be in silence now till lunch on sunday!

i'm off to read my book, enjoy my beer - maybe even have a second..... and put my feet up on the sofa! hehehehehe .... :)

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you are doing!

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