A Secret About A Secret

By pixel8

Skin Of My Teeth

I was left to my own devices this evening and got engrossed trying to learn the intricacies of a new piece of software. As is always the case for me at any rate, time flies and everything else goes by the wayside. I am telling you that now so that another Blipper doesn't come in and tell you this, in a slightly more melodramatic fashion!

So with only a few minutes to spare I grabbed my pride and joy and applied a little flash to bring you tonights Blip. Don't worry this is not what what you think!! It is in fact my fabulous Hassleblad camera. No it isn't digital. It doesn't have auto focus. It doesn't have multi matrix segmented metering. It doesn't rattle like a machine gun when you press the shutter button. What it does do - is make exceedingly good cakes.

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