Merino Lamb

Today we have been upcountry.....left at 8.30 this morning and headed up to Lake Tekapo to have a bit of a look around. This we did. Here we are on Balmoral Station just a little west of Lake Tekapo. Inquisitive Alpaca's and one very friendly merino lamb - a pet I think. Lots of choices today to blip, but time slipping by and rugby to watch!!

The weather was horrendous, strong gale force with all the mountains shrouded in rain clouds. The lake looked like the ocean with huge waves.

Got home at 6.30, lovely tea cooked for us, now watching the Crusaders playing in their home town of ChCh for the first time since the earthquake, their ground called Jade Stadium was munted in the quakes, they are playing in another smaller field, built new stands that can accommodate 17000, capacity crowd tonight, the turf was lifted from Jade Statium and laid in the new home, thats very cool I think........a big occasion for everyone......they are playing The Cheetahs from Sth Africa and hopefully will have a good win, that would be very fitting.


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