Bald Eagle

By JohnJD

Hare Less

Set out early this morning to try and spot boxing hares in the early misty morning sunlight. We didn't see as much as a hair.

But it was enough just to be out there on this glorious morning.

We saw this heron building his nest high up in the tree above the path. Later we came across seven heron standing in the middle of a field. A buzzard took off over our heads and we heard a woodpecker drilling then caught a fleeting glimpse of him.

Over 10000 steps before breakfast. This afternoon we head off to Formby to see if we can spot some red squirrels.

We went to see Midge Ure last night at the Brindley. Bald can be such a good look if you can carry it off. Hairless. Oh Vienna.

You can see the heron perched on his tree here and here.

I did not walk alone.


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