Dai Urnal-Instants

By DaiUrnal

Dusk over Bath

Seen from Little Solsbury Hill.

I had just negotiated my way past a herd of heifers. I had passed them at a considerable distance climbing to the top of Little Solsbury Hill, past the little huddles of teenagers drinking and no doubt smoking certain substances. At the top, someone had propped the wooden cross that floats around the plateau against the striangulation point and left flowers, in whose memory I knew not.

On my return the heifers were crowded around the kissing gate, barring any further progress homeward. Not being desperate, I shooed them out of the way. Not wishing to irritate them I did it in a whisper and they stood unmoved, so I eventually I plucked up the courage and sidled cautiously past.

As I walked homeward bound, I witnessed Venus, Jupiter, and a silver sliver of Moon over Lansdown, in the western dusky sky. I hope you will agree it was magical

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