A Wave On The Ocean

By Bensholto

Hope Springs Eternal.

First day of Spring. The beautiful weather continues.
This is taken on another short wander around Daisy Nook.
I decided recently to dedicate a blip to two people I know.

D, a guy at work (who sometimes has a look through my blips but isn't actually on blip) is off work and has been for about a month. Things aren't good for him at the mo; I hope he comes back soon, and feels better for it.

And M, someone I used to work with and have been friends with for almost fourteen years, is mourning the recent loss of her mum after a long battle against a variety of illnesses. I hope M is doing okay.

This is for you both. It wasn't planned to be this, it's not a stereotypically uplifting or memorable photo, but it makes sense for those who know me, and it also seems apt.

Because whatever shit (in this photo, it's horse shit) and darkness is right in front of you, there will always be light when you come through it. At the end of the tunnel, as some might say.


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