Lunch with Tallulah and the Exchange Student

Our exchange student from last spring is visiting London with her parents. I have been very impressed at how well the girls have managed to stay in touch over the last 12 months. Isabella regularly receives letters and cards fromWashington and they send each other little packages with exotic tea blends. The girls run a little tea appreciation club at school, they really know their tea.

Isabella was not able to come to lunch today and it was a quite liberating not worrying about saying the wrong thing. I did get a bit emotional hearing the exchange mother talk about what a lovely houseguest my girl was. If she had been there to witness that I would have been in a bit of trouble.

Tallulah's family have the best house for shooting portraits. So bright with wonderful backgrounds, gorgeous furniture and very little clutter. What bliss. It made me want to come home and throw away everything. My house is such a mess.

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