Covered in Bees

By PaulFS

Bee Good to your Bees

I don't think anyone is unaware of what a stunner of a day (weekend!) we've had, and it's one of those occasional miracles that it happens during a weekend. It also seems to have stirred up the insect population into a buzz!

We try to keep a bee friendly garden. If I had the time and space I'd love to keep bees, but as it's not practical then the garden is stocked up with pollen rich plants.

Apparently a third of the food we eat wouldn't be available if it weren't for bees!

p.s. anyone know what this plant is? It's like a taller snowdrop with yellow pollen...

p.p.s. am trying to catch up on journals tonight but Blip is running slow for me tonight - I'm not ignoring you - honest!

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