.. speak a 1000 words

By MichaelaGray

Strawberry and Lime.

Sun, isn't it just fantastic?!

I definitely made the most of it today, with a picnic in Rowntree's Park with Iain, Georgie and Tom :) and with also my other great friend, Strawberry and Lime cider <3 If you've a sweet tooth like I have and like a cider, I highly recommend this!

Post picnic we relaxed in the sun and soaked up the warmth we have all been longing for, ending with a final drink at Rev's beside the River Ouse :) It has been a wonderful day, although I am rather sad that my lovely Iain has to go home tonight now :( Chin up though as it won't be long til our visit down to Kent to see my wonderful family.

Happy sunshine Blippers!

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