The way I see it.

By christinePears

End of a long hot day.

I left home at 6:15am this morning, travelled to Glasgow with 4 colleagues, visited the wonderful Isobel Mair School and then returned home again. Phew! A long but very interesting day investigating the very latest in ICT for special schools.

It was blue skies all the way and we saw lots of people in tee shirts and shorts and even some lying sunbathing on the grass....and it is still only March! It was the most gorgeous evening when I got home and I just had to go out for a walk by the shore. I can't bring you the warm, still evening sea air. Or the strong coconut smell of gorse in full bloom or the sound of happy seabirds. But I can bring you a peek at the warm sunset glow.

Hope it is another summer day again tomorrow!

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