Up with the larks and off to work, but all finished by 11am! Another glorious day so I headed straight off to investigate the holed stone having been reliably informed that the path to it had been recently cleared. Through two fields of cows and calves (me keeping  a very respectful distance), along a gorse strewn boreen, across stepping stones over a small stream, over a small wall and there it was. A strange and evocative thing, now lying down but obviously once standing tall. Apparently it was  a marriage stone - more infor and pix here . As I was returning, miles from anywhere, I saw a figur ein the distance and it was waving. To my astonishment I saw it was himself!!! You can't get up to anything around here without someone noticing!! He was asleep when I left this morning so no arrangements had been made. He was heading off to do the mighty Cahergal loop and by pure conincidence our paths met! I showed him the stone and we clasped hands through the hole - aaah :)

I had one more stop on my way home - a little shed where I found this pretty woven bag hanging on a nail.It just appealed to me. I wonder who used it last? It's the shed belonging to the sleeping beauty house.

Posting early, now I'm off out into the garden. Tonight is the last Arthouse 'We have a Pope' - Italian, about a man who would rather not be Pope - hopefully more thrilling than it sounds.

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