From where i stand!!!

By Dancingninja

He loves me he loves me not!!!

Don't worry i was amusing myself whilst the children were playing in the park and then i thought Ooooo i know lets pull this daisy apart and scatter the petals and take a photo!!!

What another beautiful day we've had, killer pt this morning who just gets worse, but i'm not suffering as much as i was so that's positive, then i snuck into starbucks when should have been doing chores, so read my kindle, had a coffee put my headphones on i was in my own little world for an hour. Then home and off to watch Bryn in his play which was fab although he was only in it for one song and he hung back in the background so i could barely see him bless him he hates being up on the stage, which actually surprises me cause he certainly likes to perform at home!!!

Now we have his friend over and we had a lovely walk to the park where i played with daisies and the boys played with swords!!!

:) X

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