My Year in Pictures

By jenny

I'm home!

With a couple of war wounds and loads of drugs, but I'm back where I belong keeping watch at the top of the stairs.

I was very good at the vets over the last 24 hours - though a bit lonely as I was in isolation - however the funny thingy they put in my paw has helped me feel lots better - I've even managed some sensitive tummy food which was very tasty.

I was very pleased to see Mum when she came to pick me up and rolled over straight away so she could tickle my freshly shaved tummy.

Mum has told me that everyone's been wishing me well and sending lots of kisses and cuddles - so I'm sending lots of thank you slobber back - though Mum is saying that if you could all smell the smells I'm making you wouldn't have sent all your good wishes but I think you would!

I'm a little tired now so think I'll have a snooze.

It's good to be home.


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