0804 to Leeds



Some more abstract work today :)

LEGO - It's all about those colourful, interlocking bricks assembled (or constructed for this post) into various vehicles, buildings or pretty much anything else really.

A while ago, I was looking for a table for our lounge room when I came across this: http://vimeo.com/8556008. A boardroom table made for/by an advertising agency in Dublin, consisting of no more than 22,742 individual pieces - a monolithic slab of LEGO bricks!

I was curious when I read about this table so I did a rough calculation of how much 22k LEGO pieces would cost, assuming a base price for each piece of 0.044p. With all other things being equal, the LEGO pieces alone would cost around £1,000! ($1,600)

Anyway, for this topic I put together this 'mock' slab. This one is a lot smaller with a feeble 88 pieces, a mere 0.4% of the real thing!

Our Daily Challenge (ODC): CONSTRUCTION

112 Pictures in 2012: #03 Bright and Colourful

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