Covered in Bees

By PaulFS

Catching Some Rays

I was determined to get a sunset tonight when I saw the sky going orange, so I headed up to Baildon Moor where I spent a fantastic half hour leisurely blipping away on an evening as warm as the best ones I remember in July.

I saw a starling murmuration in the distance that just stopped my heart. I got some pictures but nothing I could blip; but there's something for another day.

I got the sunset horizon and the crescent moon together in one frame, but the moon was a tiny blob in the corner and I hadn't done it justice.

I *almost* got two low flying ducks flying straight for my head, silhouetted by the layered horizon, but I wasn't ready and they flew by cackling to themselves.

But I did catch some rays and I had a great time, because although I didn't get great blips of all this stuff, I still saw it :o)

(Thank you for the love for Fly Me By The Moon yesterday :o) )

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