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By longshanks

Trygvebu to Argaladhytta

Only 8km to our next hut Argaladhytta, but after ten days in Norway this'll be the first hut where we'll not be next to a road head - this trip really isn't like any other we've done!

A beautiful start to the day, clear blue skies and no wind when Fiona set out leading Philip & James pulling the pulks. They took advantage of the nearby road for easier going, just a shame it was going in the wrong direction. Not that I can talk as I followed on blindly. Unfortunately Rancidand had lost his camera which required a complete unpack before finding it and we were 1km up the road before the error of our ways was pointed out. Mind you Mick thought we could get out of it by carrying on, but we couldn't. So virtually back to the hut before setting out again.

The day continued pleasantly, only 150m of height gain between the two huts. On arrival there was a lot of snow on the roof of the new hut (2010), so Kathy & Fiona were quickly up there clearing it off. The chimney was buried and subsequently proved to be blocked as its top protector was no longer in place, but we soon got it cleared.

The old original hut (1912) was a wee gem oozing character and history - built by four hunters from Skaiti and Junkerdal in 1912. Skaiti valley towards Balvatnet was then an attractive area for hunting grouse, fox, wolf and bear. The Norwegian Forestry Commission allowed entry against an annual fee of 50 cents. In the winter of 1929, the cabin was damaged by an avalanche, and it was decided to move to the other side of the Skaiti River. In 1965 the then owners decided to give the cabin to the BOT, with the proviso that the cabin was left unlocked.

Today's Photo: Girl Power again, Fiona leads James with Kathy and Petrina pulling the pulks.

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