a town called E.

By Eej

Sitting Ducks

In an attempt to lighten up my journal that recently went over to the dark side I asked the Ducks for help. They were on the fence about their role in my idea, but then agreed to be on the fence anyway. (Ahaha. Haha. Haha.)

Unfortunately, as it turns out my predicted fear of brightly coloured ducks to love of peanuts percentages were way off.
Eventually a brave titmouse managed to get over itself, sort of, and took off with a peanut. But not without looking utterly shaky and terrified at Bucky and Buckita first.

The Percys were being frisky high up in the tree (note to self: the White Tipped Tail Percy has a girlfriend. It looks serious.). Robin, sparrow, finch, mourning dove, something-black-I-haven't-identified-yet, downy woodpecker; they just didn't care.

And then I had turned into an icicle and had to go inside. Hrmph.

The Duckies have been talking about leaving, but I asked if they could stay just a wee bit longer. Until Easter. I like having them around and carry them around, even though they don't always show up in my Blip :)


You can use the BuckyBlip tag to see all the exotic/cold/interesting destinations they've visited and how Bucky left his single life behind to become a married man.
If you'd like them to visit your neck of the woods and show them around, send an email to buckytheducky[at]googlemail[dot]com with your postal address and Blip journal name. Bucky and Buckita are leisurely paced duckies though, so it might be a wee while. They will be leaving Michigan pretty soon though :/

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