Waterfoot Sunrise

By alasdairb

Surfs Up

Awoke this morning at 5.30 to the loud chattering of Rainbow Lorikeets (fancy coloured parrot like birds!), which had been roosting overnight in the Palm Trees near our accommodation. They are really beautiful, but my goodness they don't half make a din at dawn and dusk!

Nothing for it except get up and go for a dawn walk to the Noosa National Park, which had been in our plans anyway, as we had been told this was the best time to see the Koala Bears that inhabit the area. By the back of six we were approaching the park and amazed how busy it was. The car park was full of surfers getting their boards looked out and making their way to the beach. Even at this time in the morning, there were already a number of surfers in the water riding the early morning waves. We were simply gobsmacked by their enthusiasm, especially as we could see from their vehicles that many were out to ride the waves before going to work. We were also struck by the wide range of ages of the surfers. OK there were the usual teenagers and grungy (is that word still in vogue?) twenty year olds, but also some older wrinklies who were well into their sixties! Good on them I say, but you won't catch me out there on those waves, which were at least 5 or 6 feet high!

While the surfers did their thing, Mrs B and I went in search of a Koala. We knew they would be high up in the eucalyptus trees and craned our necks upwards each time we reached one of these magnificent trees. The route we took was about 6 km and it proved difficult to make progress with our eyes on the trees, without tripping over something. However, the Koalas were illusive and probably sleeping in some quite corner of a tree. Never mind, their absence was more than made up for by the cacophony of bird sounds that surrounded us. The Bush Turkeys turned over the dead leaves, while Honey Eaters, Lorikeets and a host of other unidentified birds flitted from tree to tree, many of them eating the nectar from flowers. I am sure I could even hear a Kookaburra laughing at us! It was all a little bit like paradise, even without a sighting of a Koala!

As we descended from the highest point in the park, we reached the rocky cliffs of Hells Gates, which overlook the swelling South Pacific. Today's blip is from the lookout there and shows the massive waves crashing against the cliffs. I have never seen such force released by waves and the noise from the biggest waves was like thunder!

The joy of such an early start was to be sitting in a cafe having a wonderful breakfast at 9 o'clock. It tasted so good after such a wonderful early start to the day. By late morning we were on the ferry up the Noosa River to Tewantin, where we had lunch and a walk in the park. A return to Noosa Heads in early afternoon, meant there was still time to join the surfers in Laguna Bay for a swim. Well, it was more like a wade into the 4 foot high waves that proceeded to batter us back to the shore. Still, it was great fun and we laughed like children! (I think I know a family in Inverness who would thoroughly enjoy this!)

As we headed back into town for dinner there were still some surfers riding the waves and no sign of them calling it a day! That's commitment for you!

Early to bed tonight as we are being collected at 5.55 in the morning to go to Fraser Island for the day. Must remember to look out for those Dingos!

Don't think I'll bother setting the alarm as I am sure the Lorikeets will make sure we are up in plenty of time!

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