Well, after nearly 6hrs of driving we're here at The Hilton Hotel in Basingstoke. Everything is great, the rooms are fab and tea was delicious. Me, Dana, Tony, Taylor & Dad went to the Restaurant for tea but Mum stayed in her room as she was tired and not feeling too good. Travelling long distances doesn't do her any favours.

We were waited on hand and foot and got great service. Taylor was pampered by a young lass called Pin. She took a real shining to him! And thankfully she didn't hear him when he said that her name was very silly because Pin is not a name, it's an object!!!!!

He is now tucked up in bed, fast asleep and snoring his head off! I'm heading off to bed myself now. Can't wait for tomorrow to come. I don't know whose more excited, me or the kids hahaha

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