whats going on?

By alreilly

School's out for Easter!

Picked Louis up from school at lunchtime today, that's him finished for the Easter Holidays. Only one term left of primary one, that's been a fast year, still occasional crying at the school gates but mostly he loves it, loves being grown up and having lots of chums to play with.

They came home all excited and had sandwiches for lunch, Louis had tuna and Alexei devoured his first ever jam sandwich and ran about crazy in the garden for a while, chucking all the manky school uniform in the washing, bringing home the term worn gym kit and hundreds of rainforest and robot paintings done since Christmas.

I actually thought they might have done something to Louis at the Easter Service cause he came home very happy and reasonable and fun, filled with enthusiasm for playing nicely with his brother. Of course this didn't last, there was no spiritual intervention after all.

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