Return to the North

By Viking

Lake Brunner - 8am!

And here is Lake Brunner at 8am!! I never sleep very well in a different bed so I was awake quite early this morning! After trying, unsuccessfully to get back to sleep I decided I might as well get up. Went to the window and could see the mist on the Lake. Watched as the sky turned pink above the cloud and decided I had to drive down to the Lake shore and take some shots. So in pyjamas I stole TeeJay's car keys and drove down to the front to barrel off some shots.

Note 1 : TeeJay still fast asleep
Note 2: Iam always giving TeeJay stick for HAVING to blip every day rather than back blip. There is no cell phone coverage for Vodafone in Brunner itself and so she was fretting about how she was going to get her shot up. So at stupid o'clock last night she drove out in her nightie to the top of the hill, armed with phone and laptop to find internet coverage to blip. Silly girl...... I get my computer out this morning simply to download my shots - guess what - the house has wireless internet. hehehehehehehe
Here are some other shots of this morning and check out the later mayflies mating!
There is moral in this story somewhere

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