Displacement activities

By Detritus

Blast from the past.

Nine months ago yesterday I blipped about photography (and Blip) taking a backseat as family issues pretty much tore us apart.

Nine months on, things are still occasionally fractious, but changes have been absorbed into our routines & we carry on. To some extent, we'd always known the potential for dramas, we've been under no illusions about coping with autism. We are still, and I suspect we always will be learning...

Today, unexpectedly I had company for Lil's walk, and this car provided the entertainment. It's not been used for a couple of years, is shabby as hell, but under the fractured body, it's had a fortune spent on racing-grade parts that make it absolutely fly. I had a buggy as a teenager, and found myself quite jealous this morning.

For those who regularly look at my blips, thank you. I shall hopefully start up again with taking the cameras out soon. For those into this kinda thing, the pic was taken with a M42 soligor 135 f3.5mm lens, which is a little older than I am.

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