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By christinePears

Fun First Day of the Holidays

I have had a fun filled first day of my holidays! It started with a visit to a communcity market at North Kessok. Amongst my purchases were local baked bread and purple sprouted broccoli. We had a snack outdoors at the local playpark and I tried the continuous motion setting on my camera - not sure why some bits of my grandsons are missing!! Anybody know what went wrong?

As we were crossing the Kessock bridge my son's coastguard beeper went off and we had to divert to deliver him to the coastguard station. His little sons thought that this was very exciting!

More fun when Sutherland came for lunch which we sat outside to eat. Then a spot of gardening, off to visit the neighbour's hens and a bike ride along the shore. It was good to get out on my bike again. Poor wee Sutherland toppled off his bike when he came to a standstill and fell into some nettles! There were dockens nearby so I taught him how to take the sting out by rubbing the leaves on the stings.

Then up to his house to start a very exciting garden project - digging up an old raised bed in preparation for planting some veggies. I beautiful day to be outdoors nonstop and filled with family, exercise and fun stuff to do.

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