By Rab

Leixoes, Portugal

Woke up this morning, checked out the window and seen the weather was bad. Well, when I say window, what I really mean is, i turned on the TV and checked the channel linked to the camera outside the ship. Gutted, as I was really looking forward to getting out. Lay in bed for another couple of hours watching a movie, switched it back, and finally the sun was out.

Pulled on my shorts, grabbed my camera, and just went walking about town. Beautiful little place with Porto being the nearest city. Didn't go that far but really enjoyed my stroll around, finally walking along the waterfront before getting back on the ship.

Now I'm not morbid and certainly not religious in any way, but I do enjoy walking through Graveyards. I think it's the stillness, the quiet I like, and I especially liked this one. They are just so different on the continent than at home.

Anyway, went up to the pool for an hour when I got back, lay in the sun and had a little swim before getting off to work. Looking forward to this evening as I'm going wine tasting as well. Should be fun!!!

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