No joke

Clocks went back today or rather last night, but who waits so late to adjust the clocks? Ours are not adjusted yet and we are relying on clever computers and phones which did it all themselves. So I should have had a nice lie in, but I didn't, as Hanna woke me up fifteen times asking this, that and the other.

Most of the day I spent in the garden, doing what I have been meaning to do for a long time: emptying and relocating the compost bin. Lovely job. Normally one would just throw the compost around the garden and job would be done. I had to go though it with a fine comb or rather my own hands and fish out all cooked chicken bones. This is a long term investment in health and well-being of the dog, who would certainly try to eat them at the nearest opportunity. I found lots of bones and also these two little bowls, a tile and a fish - reminders that the compost has been composting longer than we have lived here. These must have belonged to the previous owners.

The "no joke" of Prima Aprilis is that today the sunset is at 6.10 pm.

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