Meanwhile, today in life

By richgreenwood

Entry 596 - Weekend

Well, I had the worst news at the weekend. I have to move out of my flat and find somewhere to live by the 26th April. So Easter is going to be busy finding flats and writing essays. Trip home: Cancelled. Possible trip to Edinburgh: Delayed. Relax over Easter: No chance. Grrr, these things always happen at just the opportune moment.

The pictures in my post pretty much explain my weekends now. I work (top left) in a gay bar in Clapham. I quite enjoy it to be honest, bar work is always fun and sociable, and have done it for years. I price books at Oxfam (Top middle) and end up buying spent on books. I did think I needed to buy some classics though...have got Lord Of The Flies, War Of The Worlds and A Short History Of Tractors in Ukranian. Dunno when I am going to read them mind, but they are there on my shelf. I also sleep - I finish work work at 4.30am on Sunday morning and then start Oxfam at 11.30am so by Sunday eve I am ready to sleep (Bottom). A nice guy gave me his number this week too, written on a napkin (top right). Sweet :-)

Good night!

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