MeriRand & the NW Passage

By randra

There's a Tunnel Around Here Somewhere

I don't know if I can state enough that plans in Brazil are more like thoughts. They are very likely to mold and changed based on what you see, what you feel, and what time it is. This weekend, Coralie had two couchsurfers staying with us, and along with our friend Diogo, we rented a car and drove around beautiful Espirito Santo. Of course, I took many, many photos.

The journey's been great. I'm becoming less afraid of driving, though I have yet to go out without seeing an overturned truck (they're 3 for 2 now..) We stopped to see some waterfalls near the city of Mathilde and the directions given by a bartender (with a map in the sand) led us down a crazy two-track in a car I would never have driven through the coffee-farms (coffee is grown on pretty steep hills, btw.) But we eventually made it to the large waterfall of Mathilde and afterward attempted to find the "tunnel of Mathilde."

This chase again led us down a two-track to a farm field where we dumped the car, walked down a path to the railroad track, and then along those until we decided there must not be a tunnel. But on the walk back along the track, we heard a river passing underneath and decided to see if that was, in fact, the "túnel." It was, but it also sucked. Totally unimpressive :) My only conclusion is that tourism in Brazil could use some updating... though it DID remind me of Ireland.

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