Of Lyte And Darke

By Fiere


Well, I took more than 60 pictures trying to get a good photo. I got up and actually managed to get some pictures of the sunrise this morning... except they were terrible and I only realised that when I got home (they were rushed). So then I took some of the moon... except I lack a tripod so they were pretty blurry. Then I moved onto menial things and even tried some self-portraits :o Ironically I took this as one of those random, oh-this-won't-be-very-good photos that you take sometimes..... and it was actually alright... took it while lying back to look inside when the moon frustrated me :L

I had a bit of a meh day today :/ Found out that some of my 'friends' have been talking behind my back, and when I confronted one about it she just told me to get over it, as it wasn't "anything big" and that we could talk about it some other time as "she had a lot of stuff going on at the moment" the main question I had was why she was on Facebook if she was so busy :/ Oh well, I shall hope for a better day tomorrow.....

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