By J0shua

Reflections of a sunrise

Daylight saving, day 2 and I've already switched to sunrise photos. Well that didn't take long. Plus I've switched from Sydney Harbour to the Hawksberry River, to be more precise the Marina at Brooklyn.

This is a bit of weird photo, I debated its blip worthy-ness! Instead of the sunrise on the horizon there is cloud. However the sunrise is a reflection on the water.........hmmm how does that happen? Simple answer out of frame there is a decent gap in clouds that created enough of reflection for this effect. Anyway hope you enjoy it! Very different to yesterday's bike blip; what changes of subjects I have.

L A R G E clouds with reflections

My day: Train:Photos:Train:Work:Blip_from_work(a first) and the future is yet to be written!

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