Pictures by Ahti's dad

By hevosmies

The last day on ice

I skied to the fireplace of Selkähavukka. I made a fire and warmed up some fried potatoes and salmon in cream sauce with fresh basil. I also had a Baltika 8 wheat beer to celebrate probably the last day I spend on ice this winter. Most of the day it was cloudy but the sun appeared for a while while I was sitting at the fireplace.

There were still quite a lot of people on the ice (mostly ice-fishers and skiers). I also saw two cars on an ice road. So it seems that the ice is still pretty strong at certain spots. And since the nights have been quite cold during the last few days the ice hasn't got much weaker lately. But at this point of year the ice might collapse under you even if it's thick. Plus there might be currents under the ice making it weaker. I'm not too familiar with the lake so I don't know where those currents are. And I already noticed some weaker spots on the ice. So I think it might be better not to go to the ice before next winter.

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