I've taken Rob to get his hair cut this morning and shopping for clothes for his ski trip. I think we have everything he needs now although there are still a couple of items he would like - we shall see!!!

I'm feeling a bit jittery today, Lucy has gone to London...on the train....on her own, to meet up with a friend she met last summer when she went on a Maths Summer Camp! As well as worrying that she'd get on the wrong train, I'm worrying because the friend is a boy, who I've never met!!! They are just friends she tells me - hmmmm!!!

I managed a couple of shots of the blossom before the heavens opened.

Hope you're having a good day blippers - if the weather forecast is correct it may be a snowy blip tomorrow x

Previous blossom shot here

First ever successful link - I'm such a technophobe!!!

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