Particles & Waves

By EdwardFenner

Next up: Van de Graaff 24/7

I had Linda photograph me with my new T-shirt which is a birthday present for myself. It came today so I put it on to see if it fit. Seems to. I assembled the photos for my research blog which is the title on my shirt. The shirt commemorates band advertises my blog but is also my research work shirt for the next 10 months. I've been assembling bits and pieces from my research subject's sons John (a blipper) and Bill and from other sources plus doing my coursework of which my last class is on Thursday - two days hence. I'll wear the shirt to class to mark my transition from classwork to archival work then wear it when doing my digging and whatnot at my computer and my upcoming trip to the American Institute of Physics this summer. And probably to MIT next year. I won't wear the shirt out too quick. I have a second identical one. A good deal. Both for $23 and change!

I did blip the blog itself last month when it debuted. 24/7 is a bit of an exaggeration but once my deliverables from my course are done, I will be quite focused on Robert's life's work.

I had thought of using "Dr." instead of "Mr." but I opted for the less formal. Thoughts? The blog title can still be changed. Too late for the T-shirts, though.

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