Carst is still here!

An update:
In this Blip I told you that nothing could be done for him according to the vet.
He gave some diuretic pills just to see what would happen but he did not give us much hope.
Most likely: a tumor and just a little time left.
X-rays did not give us much hope either.
But: he did well on the medication and we asked for another examination.
That new X-ray showed some more because of less fluid inhis chest but at the echo the vet saw that he has a heartproblem. The pumpingvolume is too small because of a malfunctioning heartmuscle so that was mainly the cause of the damming up.
At least we now know what is going on and for this problem there is a medication. The handout of the manufacturer says he can get very old with it but we are a bit suspicious...
So: we will wait and see, he looks like he's feeling a bit better.
So: time for a portrait!

Here in LARGE...

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