The Gator Motel

I drive past this kind of thing all the time (its massive!) without blinking, but today I thought some of them would probably make decent Blips.

We lost power and water supply for about 3 hours yesterday and it really comes home to you just how much we depend on them especially in this kind of environment.

Saw some good Movies on the flight over - one of them was My Week with Marilyn . We then arrived at this Villa to find the whole place is done up with a Marilyn Monroe theme. Framed photographs and posters, DVD library, etc etc. Even the coasters for your drinks are Marilyn pictures.

I've really only had time for a few snapshots so far but tomorrow is a serious photography day and a kind of Blipmeet. My Blip will be very late and may well be rubbish as this wildlife photography isn't easy.

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