By wellsforzoe

Ready for all seasons

Today started dull and rainy, moved to bright sun and back again to rain.
This little one with her brother on her back, at Zola Zola secondary school, had all weather conditions covered!
We went to Zola Zola to once again help our student friends mainly with aspects of English, but slso with Mathematics Chemistry and Physics, only to find that the only one left was the school Head Teacher, Rhoda.
An edict from on high now prevents these students from getting free help over Easter. Unfair advantage was the quoted reason, a reasonable explanation, if everything was fair and equitable in our world here.
We has great fun and games with the throngs of kids who arrived after the message about action spread.
After lunch we all trooped across the city to make a cover for the well and leave cement for the building job tomorrow, having first located a source of cement, which can be scarce at times

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