By Serap

Day off

We had a day off work today - something that rarely happens, as I'm sure is quite often the case for people who run their own businesses. Personally, I'm better at it, and always try to take Sunday off, but Mark is terrible at it, and will work every day unless I remind him to take a day off. So he picked today, which started with an island-wide power cut, which thankfully didn't last too long, but did prompt an awful lot of phone calls (because people phone Mark for everything). We then had an appointment at the dentist (we know how to how to have fun!), after which we stopped for coffee, before going food shopping (I know, I know... we're wild!). The afternoon was spent on the beach - reading (me) and sleeping (him), and then home for a curry. I feel so much better for our day off, I think we both really needed it.

The bus is near the place we stopped for coffee in Paphos - I always notice it when we go passed, it's so cute and colourful.

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