Thanks for the pink vibes yesterday. I am feeling quite a bit chirpier today - just like yesterday, I can't really explain why today has been better, although I can tell you that the weather's definitely not contributed. It's still wet and cold, but we desperately need the rain given the hosepipe ban that comes into force tomorrow, so I'm not going to complain.

Workwise it's been a busy day today as I've been helping out with a couple of proposals for another good friend who I met through work. It's been nice to be involved at the start of the project development process rather than just putting into practice a job that someone else has planned months earlier.

The manky weather meant that getting a decent blip was again somewhat challenging. I had to up the ISO drastically, and even then I had to tweak the contrast and brightness to get something that I actually wanted to blip out of the second batch of photos I took today today. Five bouquet blips down, two to go.

P.S. It's best viewed from a distance - definitely not large!

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