1. I get the bus over to stanmore, but I'm not sure how much it costs now the prices have gone up. I ask the driver and he whispers something. I don't get it and ask loudly about the price. He says - loud enough - 'shoosh, give me £1.15, it's gone up'.

2. A morning with mum, cleaning and blethering. The bed arrives. Me 1 - Laura Ashley 0. I meet my new neighbour, Mags and we see each others flats and have a chat. She's wearing that cardy I wanted.

3. We rip up the carpet. Just like that. I delve into the world of flooring shops and sort a few things out. A couple of baguettes from Arturo's and then mum leaves. I have a while on my own, tugging and picking and fixing things as I go. I don't have any tools so rely on a borrowed hammer, a leftover screwdriver and a corkscrew.

4. Karen comes over with cookies and jumbo hula hoops. She sits on the stool I sit on the pile of old curtains. We move room to room discussing the options. As we discuss lights for the hall Colin arrives with a big box. Inside is my new light for the hall. A beautiful thing. Beautiful. To celebrate, we head out for dinner at Clockwork.

5. Around six Mick, my plasterer, comes with his pink notebook to have a look and quote. I love what he tells me. Love it. How exciting.

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