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Surf's Up!

Had the day off work and wandered down to the beach to take a few photos seeing as the weather is so fine today.

I was amazed to see a group of young men surfing in the sea! Perhaps they'd seen the advert for holidaying in England, that features Rupert Grint talking about surfing in Bridlington Bay, and were giving it a go.

Remarkably they did get up on the boards for a nano second before going into the surf as there were a few small rollers today. Hope it takes off in Bridlington, but it's not quite the same as Cayton Bay and Scarborough Bay where the waves are alot stronger. It did make a very nice sight, and doubley so as we had such a lovely day when further north there's lots of snow.

Think we're getting off lightly!

Have a lovely Easter weekend everyone!

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