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Yellow Flower

Last day of the working week as it's a bank holiday tomorrow! Spent the day rewriting a ten year old program for a project we're working on. The original code wasn't good ten years ago - now it looks positively awful. At least when I've redone it, it will be easier to understand and it should also be faster. If we need to make any additional changes to it going forward it will also be a lot easier once the work is done.

On the way home I blipped this flower, it's a yellow ball shaped flower on a medium sized shrub. I don't know what it is. We use to have one in the garden where we use to live, our current garden doesn't have one.

I was nearly on-call tomorrow. In the end someone else is doing it. While the overtime is useful and it's not as if you need to actually do anything while on-call, it can be a bind if you want to go somewhere. It does mean my better-half can take my bank cards shopping tomorrow instead. Actually she is a modest spender so I don't mind actually but there isn't much for me to do while she is shopping for stuff.

BTW: This is my 100th consecutive blip, and it's been geo-located. Not that my camera has GPS or anything clever so I've just guessed where in the street the bush was.

EDIT: apparently it's a Kerria japonica Pleniflora, commonly know as a Japanese Yellow Rose or Kerria. Thanks to sunflower.

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