Its been a "Good Friday"

Spent some time amongst the roses this morning doing a bit of a tidy up. Still a lot flowering and plenty more to come. This one looking very manky, but it escaped the chop until I had taken its picture. Always been a favourite of mine, the name escapes at the moment.

We had thought of going for a walk along Scarborough Beach this evening to enjoy the late afternoon sun but the fog came in and it has become rather chilly....hence the rose blip.

Focus minutes and letter done this avi too - good!!

I am making Lasagne for 12 hungry mouths tonight in preparation for our biking trip on Monday!!!

"Being Honest May Not Get You a Lot of Friends
It'll Always Get You The Right Ones"

Enjoy your Easter break :)


PS - I'm loving the new map addition, save me going to Google Earth :)

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