Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Beam me up Scottie

The best laid plans for a special blip went awry tonight. I wanted to have no write up but "thank you" and have the blip tell it all. Well the thank you pebbles were left at home and the 365 sparklers would not light. I went through a whole pack of matches and couldn't get them to light in a stiff onshore breeze not to mention have the incoming tide wash over the sparklers. I am sure passers by were wondering what on earth I was trying to do.

So now I am going to say what I wanted the blip to say which is thank you everyone who dropped by over the last year. Thank you for the subs, the comments, the support and the endless help and encouragement. A special thanks to Kayempee who got me started on all this. Finally, a big thanks to Joe and blip central for keeping this wonderful place going. I really do luvs youse all.

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