Too many cooks?

We all love cooking (a natural consequence of loving food, it seems) and we all cook, often together, but it sometimes seems when the family is here as though there are more photographers than cooks in the kitchen. Both my son and daughter are better photographers than I am but I haven't persuaded them to start blipping..... yet. I've had lots of helpful advice from them about choices for my exhibition - both with such a good eye, and son C having used photography in his finals for his Fine Art degree. And the decision about frames has been made - they'll be black.

Now their flight has left, the house is quiet and I'm exhausted after all the laughing this week. I'll have to work most of the weekend to make up for taking the time off but it was well worth it!

Apologies for a shot taken just centimetres from yesterday's. There was a terrible storm as we left for the airport after lunch, but better weather is forecast and I'm intending to take some outside shots in the next few days.

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